Choosing to have cosmetic plastic surgery may be an important decision…but, The Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon you choose is the Most Important Decision you’ll make…

From nose reshaping to face lifts and breast enhancement to body contouring, the art of cosmetic plastic surgery can restore and/or enhance your appearance, providing a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem. To achieve an outcome you can be pleased about, it’s critical to make an informed choice about who will perform the procedures you’re considering. The following guidelines will help you select a cosmetic plastic surgeon that offers the best credentials, qualifications and experience to ensure safe and successful results.

GATHERING REFERRALS - One of the best ways to compile a list of candidates is to gather names from various referral sources.

QUESTION…who can advertise as a cosmetic plastic surgeon? - Any physician, with or without surgical training, who holds a medical license is legally able to list themselves under the specialty heading of “Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon.”

Check it out: Credentials, Certifications and experience - From your pool of prospective physicians, it’s time for further research—beginning with credentials and qualifications.

THE CONSULTATION - Once you’ve narrowed your search down to two or three prospective surgeons, you may wish to schedule a consultation with each one. These one-on-one meetings will give you an opportunity to decide which cosmetic plastic surgeon you want to perform your “special surgery”

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